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Village of Chaplin 


 Passing through Chaplin?  Come and see what Chaplin has to    offer...

 Chaplin is  a rural village in Saskatchewan, Canada.  We are situated along the Trans-Canada highway half-way between the cities of  Moose Jaw and Swift Current.  We are part of the Lake Diefenbaker Tourism region and are equal distances from both Palliser Regional  Park and Douglas Provincial Park.

 The main industries in Chaplin are Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals, Chaplin Grain Corporation, and farming/ranching.

 As of the 2011 census, Chaplin had a population of 218.

 Chaplin Lake & Shorebirds

 Chaplin lake boasts one of the largest deposits of sodium sulphate in North America.  The lake is also home to over thirty different species  of shorebirds.  Hundreds of thousands of birds stop each year at Chaplin Lake as a stop-over point on their migratory path.

 Chaplin Nature Centre

 Chaplin is home to the Chaplin Nature Centre.  The Nature Centre offers a huge wealth of information regarding the shorebirds and the  Chaplin area.  Operating from June - August, the building itself is worth touring with it's wonderful displays, souvenirs, and information.  The Nature Centre also offers shuttle bus tours which allow visitors to get a closer look at the shorebirds that make their temporary  homes at Chaplin Lake, and provides information on conservation, local industry and history, and the agricultural practices in the region.  If you're passing  through during the summer months this is definitely worth a look!

 For more information regarding Chaplin Nature Centre and the tours check out their website:

 Places to Stay... 

  Chaplin is home to a motel as well as two campgrounds.  Check out our Places to Stay page for more information.