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Have tires that you need to get rid of?

We do not have a place for you to throw away your tires, however did you know...

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) has a Return 2 Retailer program that allows you to take your old, rimless, scrap tires to participating retailers for free?

Some of the participating retailers in our area are:

Swift Current:
  - Canadian Tire
  - Kal Tire
  - Quality Tire

Moose Jaw:
  - Quality Tire

For more information, check out their website:

Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC)

 Pick Up

 -  Pick up and on every Tuesday.

 - Garbage and recycling alternate each week. Garbage is picked up one week, recycling the week, etc.

 - If you are wanting another bin, call the Village Office. Charges will apply.