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Planning an event?  Chaplin Community Complex is available for events. Click the Community Halls link above for further information.

- Chaplin Swimming Pool

- Chaplin Memorial Civic Centre

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- Community Halls

- Calvin Hallborg Memorial Park

Chaplin has many recreational facilities to keep residents active and entertained all year round.  Below are some of the things Chaplin has to offer: (Click the Recreation link above for further information)

About Chaplin

Chaplin gets it's name from Viscount Chaplin, an English statesman, who, along with a friend, Frederick Johnston, planned a successful hunting trip to the area.  Chaplin Lake and Lake Johnston were also named after the two men.

Chaplin had been a coal and water point for the CPR consisting of a box car station and a section house leading Chaplin to become a hub for many people in the area.  From a meager beginning as a squatter population of 4, Chaplin began to grow.   The population grew to approximately 20 in 1907 and with the opening of the Post Office that year it became a permanent settlement.  A school was built the following year attracting even more people to the area.  Over the years churches, new businesses, and schools were constructed as well.  Chaplin was incorporated as a village in 1912.


 In 1953 the provincial government decided to change Lake Johnston to Old Wives Lake because of the historical significance of the Indian name.  Chaplin Lake was considered a detriment because of transportation problems associated with it.  In 1912, a wooden bridge was constructed across the lake, the longest in Canada at that time.  The lake that was once considered a detriment became the economic engine for the village when the sodium sulfate began to be extracted from it.

Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals - Sodium Sulfate Plant

Initially established as a crown corporation by the Province of Saskatchewan, the Chaplin plant began operating in 1948. The Chaplin Lake deposit is in thinly bedded layers covering some eighteen square miles.  Sodium sulphate is used primarily in powder laundry and dishwasher detergents, carpet deodorizers, modified corn starches, textile dying, glass making, kraft paper, and mineral feeds for livestock.  The product is shipped via railway hopper cars and trucks to customers throughout Canada and the USA. 

Brine Shrimp

Another product of the lake is the brine shrimp that live in it.  For many years these tiny creatures were harvested and shipped to various locations all over the world.


Welcome To Chaplin

Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinic is held in the Chaplin Community Complex on a stop in basis on  the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. A Registered Nurse is in attendance and a foot care clinic is available.